Flojo Agency

Flojo Agency

Who are we?

Flojo Agency is a communication and marketing agency specializing in B2B and B2C. In 2016, Flora Cohen & John Houzi together decided to found by uniting their two core businesses, design and marketing.s, le design et le marketing.

Communication and Marketing Specialist, Flojo Agency offers you supports from strategic thinking to the operationalization of all your development projects. Based in the business district, in the heart of Tel Aviv, we share your goals: growth and success.

We are convinced that each client, request or project is unique.

Energy is reflected in our ability to meet your expectations, whether to change communication or review your strategy, through improving your SEO through a blog or a new identity graphic.

Strength lies in our investment in all the projects we have

Return their consistent communication thanks to exceptional design and marketing. We can carry out all your projects: website design, implementation complete visual identity, web marketing strategy on social networks advertising on social networks, budgeting for your communication, and in many other areas

Values? Responsiveness, confidence, friendliness, originality and availability. Those are the watchwords and dynamism towards our customers to create a relationship lasting, like the wolf towards his family

Co-Founder - CEO(…and everything in design)

John Houzi

«I am specialized in visual communications and a multimedia project manager. Four years ago, I decided to get self-employed as a web designer. What do I like as a web designer?

The commitment to be precise, whether it is the choice of an image, a typography or the ergonomy.

Everything has to be taken into account: visibility, information architecture and customer constraints.

The Flojo strength is the confidence we have in our approach to various projects, being always complementary and our way to provide each task a reliable project. »

How can we assist you?

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Would you like to gain more potnetial leads and customers with a unique logo? Contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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